Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Halal E-Numbers

Advantages of Halal E- Numbers


       There are some advantages of using Halal E- Numbers. First, we are able to check the details and information about the product.It is very important to check the status of halal food before consuming the food among the Muslims. Secondly,this application is easy to access and do not waste time when using this application.Android smartphone users can download it for free from android app store. We don't need to waste money to download the application. When there is no Wifi or data with us, we still can use the application.

Disadvantages of Halal E-numbers 


   However, Halal E- Numbers also has disadvantages. Halal E-Number requires the use of e-code. No all the food or ingredients have e-code.So, it would be less convenient to be used if we encounter with food that does not has e-code. The design of the application is not attractive enough to be used.This is because simple background is used and lack of other addition functions beside checking the status of food. The information provided in the application for the Malaysian users is not accurate. Users from Europe and United State are only able to access the accurate information.


  1. E-Numbers remain a controversial issue in the UK as well, because of its lack of transparency. Yes you can check what it is through the app, but for some codes the sources remain vague. And for now only allergens are made clear in labelling, but I suppose it could be done for Halal and Kosher food as well? Jaya Grocer practises this, they made clear whether certain food contain alcohol or other non-halal ingredients. So yeah, while E number is useful throughout the supply chain, it's still quite flawed when it comes to the consumers :-/

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