Sunday, 17 December 2017

Review on Halal E-Numbers Apps

‘Halal E-Numbers’ is one of the mobile apps that is useful for the Muslims. ‘Halal E-Number’ is available in Google Play Store (Android).

The main page of ‘Halal E-Numbers’ full with codes of different background indicating different status.

Type of status that are available for reference

Halal status

Haram status

Mashbouh status

Unknown status

Now, you must be wondering how to use the application right? Easy Peazy lemon sqeezy, users only have to key in the code in the search tab and the application will automatically check for its status. This code is usually written beside the name of ingredient in the ingredient list on products’ packaging.

The example of codes listed in list of ingredients of a product.

Search tab is located on the right top of the main page.

Keyboard automatically appeared and we just need to type the e-numbers.

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